1. Background Screening, Pre & Post Employment Verification

PC’s Background Screening service has received acclaims across the industry. Judging from the high level of confidence, many organizations are now able to repose in the performance potential of their human resources. PC’s Background Screening Program brings timely results with both strategic and economic advantage to the organization. PC also ensures the successful and continuous functioning of the organization by carrying on timely and effective post employment verification services that will keep track of employees and their performance and contributions to towards the

These Verifications / Checks primarily assist organizations in finding out:

  • Missing pieces of information about their employees that had been left out during the Pre-employment
    Verifications due to human error or unavailability of proper information at the time of verification
  • ┬áReasons behind employees’ poor performance and their attitude towards work
  • Deserving employees who should be given an opportunity to grow
  • Employees’ involvement in Anti-management activities
  • Employees’ intention to violate non-compete agreements
    Any other information about the Employees’ involved in ongoing industrial and labor court cases against
    the organization

Credit Worthiness and Due Diligence

PC offers an effective Due Diligence program for any/all businesses both direct and third party. It is crucial for
companies to identify, investigate and address the risks involved in business processes and do the effective
PC provides timely, actionable facts in a well-structured report format. The information we provide assists general counsel and corporate compliance efforts regarding transactional business, mergers and acquisitions
and current or potential clients and business partners.
Targeted areas of client interest may include but are not limited to:

  • Ownership
  • Banking/Financial Records
  • State-Owned Companies
  • Board of Directors
  • Licensing & Certification
  • Credit Standing
  • Civil Litigation

Verification of Insurance Claims

PC carries out thorough Investigations of Insurance Claims to verify their authenticity. Insurance fraud is an evolving problem for all insurance companies and has reached
epidemic proportions around the world and the most effective way of tackling this problem is aggressive on-the-street investigations conducted by us. Our Investigating
teams provide insurance companies the means to properly assess and adjudicate potentially fraudulent claims by seamlessly following our standard investigative
procedures and processes.

Pre & Post Matrimonial Verifications

PC has a strong Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation system that covers the following aspects:
Pre Marital:

  • Character Verification
  • Habits & Culture
  • Family Background
  • Financial and Social Status
  • Employment History Status
  • Previous Marriage History, If any
  • Medical History
  • Police & Legal History

Post Marital:

PC can undertake an investigation and/or surveillance on either partner of a marriage, to check for infidelity or
any other unusual activity, if a request for the same is made and the result/detail shall be maintained utmost
confidentiality and prejudice.

Security Audit

PC carries out Security Audits for all business vertical prevalent, lists out the flaws and also suggests on the
corrective and preventive actions to be taken to achieve the functioning of secured business venture. This
includes the Electronic, Physical and the data security as well.

Litigation Support

PC is also into providing complete assistance to clients both individual and/or Group to prepare for litigations and in designing a
settlement strategy.